Collecting inspection data and taking photos is made easy with the HG Companion.

Gather your data faster than ever using the HG Companion. Take photos and insert them directly into your report onsite, using your mobile device. Saves time and we can show you how!

Watch our HG Companion Tour

How to inspect onsite using the HG Companion

Watch the video to see how to collect data using the HG Companion on your Android or iOS device, then transfer the report to a laptop or desktop to finish your report. Russell shows you some techniques to help get the job done faster. HG Companion users can save tens of minutes in report writing time!

See special pricing for INACHI Members only!

Time-saving features

Automatic picture and video placement at the inspection item. No more picture insertion when building your report!

Finger-friendly user interface makes data entry fast.

Record audio notes at inspection items to finish up at the office or for someone else to type.

Transfer your reports between devices using our Cloud Transfer feature (HG Services required).


Download the free HG Companion trial

Download the HG Companion by going to the Google Play Store on your Android phone or device or the Apple App Store and search for HomeGauge Companion!